The Spotted Dalmatian gemstone is unique as it speaks to one’s physical joy and reminds you to enjoy life playfully. Jaspers are also known as the “nurturing” stones, as they work to unravel the stress that may be lingering on your mind, which enforces slow yet gentle healing of negative thoughts. With this being said, once your mind is de-cluttered the jasper stones will help you nurture the beauty you have internally as well as externally!

The jasper Dalmatian stone bracelet is also detailed with the bronze Tree of Life which is a very sacred symbol to Rosario Murillo, the first lady of Nicaragua. She actually had metal structures created in the shape of the Tree of Life placed all over the capital, Managua, to represent new power blooming!

Dirt alert: Jasper emphasizes the importance of having some time for yourself, whether it is a few minutes, a few hours or the entire day!