This is the bracelet that created PurpleDirt!

While the founder, Erin Walker, was in Nicaragua, the seeds bracelet is what the vendors sold on the street- she purchased one and when she came back to Canada part of her heart was still in the culture, the landscape and the beauty of the people. She then decided that she wanted to plant the seeds she brought home with her into Canadian Soil, and there after PurpleDirt bloomed.

This handcrafted and hand braided leather bracelet is connected by a silver toggle clasp. It is great for layering  and wearing in all seasons as the seeds bracelet will compliment your style whatever it may be!


x-small6 inches
small6.5 inches
medium7 inches
large7.5 inches 

**please note: the clasp adds an additional 1.25 inches to the bracelet

***orders can be custom fit for no additional fee, however, we will require an additional 3-5 days for processing your order. Please purchase a bracelet larger than your desired size and add your requested length in the order notes or email with any additional questions.