Our Cool Lava bracelet is made from 8mm snowflake obsidian beads strung together by a high quality chord. Obsidian, a black stone with snowflake like white spots is actually opaque glass that is formed from cooled molten lava. A perfect piece to represent Nicaragua the land of the volcanos.

Each bracelet is also detailed with a bronze Tree of Life charm, bronze represents timeless wisdom and intelligence and the Tree of Life is a very sacred symbol to Rosario Murillo, the first lady of Nicaragua. She actually had metal structures created in the shape of the Tree of Life placed all over the capital, Managua, to represent new power blooming.

 Make the Cool Lava bracelet your day to night statement piece! Wear this bracelet during the day alone and pair this bracelet with gold bangles (or black bangles) and gold earrings to spice up your nighttime look! 

Dirt Alert: Obsidian acts as an energetic and protective shield as it channels energy deep within the earth keeping negativity from entering your aura.