Who's Your Crush?


We all have wonderful women in our lives that do extraordinary things day in and day out. They fight for what they believe in, often putting their own wants and needs to the wayside. But sometimes they don't receive the recognition they deserve.

Is there someone in your life that inspires you to be the best version of yourself? Is she thoughtful, engaged in her community, and a great role model?  Tell us about her!

The PurpleDirt Search for the Ultimate Crush is your opportunity to shed some light on the wonderful women in your life.


Who is eligible for nomination?

That's easy! Great women who make a difference in their community, big or small. We want to give these women the recognition they deserve.

How do nominate your crush? Fill out our nomination form under our Contests page. Tell us who you are and who you are nominating. Don't forget to tell us why! Each Wednesday we will post a new weekly Woman Crush Wednesday on Instagram. At the end of every month, the PurpleDirt team will handpick our Ultimate Crush. Her photo and profile will be featured on our YOU Are blog.

Are you surrounded by inspiring women and don't know how to choose just one? Don't! Nominate them all. Each nominee, however, will only be featured as our Woman Crush Wednesday once.

What does our Ultimate Crush ultimately win for being so amazing? Both the nominator and the chosen Ultimate Crush will receive a $25 gift card to PurpleDirt. We also make a $25 donation to Waves of Hope on behalf of our Ultimate Crush.

So, who do you think belongs in the spotlight?