Nos Llamamos PurpleDirt: We are PurpleDirt

Photo credit: Haley Pickard


A word can mean a thousand things in a thousand languages. Sometimes a whole experience can be summed up in just a couple of letters: LOVE, for example. We hear this word everyday, but we wouldn’t understand it if we hadn’t experienced it for ourselves. Words, then, are a huge part of our lives.

In Nicaragua, what a person is called represents their history. It’s not just about where a person comes from but rather who. Nicaraguans take the surnames of both their father and mother. To them, the people that nurture and support you through life are indefinitely part of who you are and will become.

This holiday season at PurpleDirt, we remember where we come from, starting with our name.



Purple is a colour to nurture and cherish. It’s deep, rich hue embodies creativity and the possibility for personal expression. As the rarest colour found in nature, it has been sought after throughout history. The women of PurpleDirt are their own kind of purple. Each member of our team offers a unique perspective of the world.



Stuck under finger nails, clumped to bicycle wheels, tracked through the house, washed off of feet: dirt. This is often how it is described, even though our survival depends on it. We do not give the earth the gratification it deserves. How often do we take the time to truly appreciate the ground we walk on? Or even the soil that grows our food? By thinking of the greatness of dirt, we acknowledge the possibility for growth. With properly nourished soil, a seed will blossom into something beautiful.

PurpleDirt is the opportunity for women to thrive in their environment. Inspired by their own creativity and supported with the necessary tools, they will flourish. Our team comprises a group of women empowered by the possibility of both expressing themselves creatively and bettering the world in which we live.


Thank you for supporting the PurpleDirt dream!

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