Bienvenidos a Nicaragua, Welcome to Nicaragua

Hola PD Community!

Mellinda and I arrived safely in Nicaragua, loaded to the brim with supplies and excitement. 

We spent the first night at Hotel Naranja, a charming little boutique hotel in Managua, which is the capital city of Nicaragua. Exploration of the neighborhood led us to a delicious chocolate factory, a taste-tantalizing Peruvian restaurant and an eclectic local boutique filled with beautiful clothing and accessories.

The next morning in Managua, Mellinda and I met with our bead and jewelry supplier to source some raw materials for PurpleDirt. We then continued on our journey to the city of Granada, located along the coast of Lake Nicaragua, which is the largest lake in Central America. 

We have decided to stay with a local family in Granada rather than a hotel. I did this last time I visited and found it allowed me to fully immerse myself into the Nicaraguan life style. 

This time, Mellinda and I are are staying with the Garay family - Bosco, Carla and their daughter Ariana. Bosco and Carla are from Granada, but left in the ‘80s during the civil war. They have since returned to their home, happy to be back in a peaceful, small community. They own a restaurant down the street from their house called El Marlin, which is where we have spent most of our time thus far, chatting and learning about their lives over amazing meals.

The common thread I find amongst everyone who lives in Granada is their love of home; they love their city, the pace and the strong sense of community! 

Later this afternoon Mellinda and I are going to tour the area and connect with some of PurpleDirt's artisans, and then we will head to Masya to meet with one of our metal workers. 

Thank you again for all of your support with the Indiegogo Campaign  -  we have 18 days to go so please spread the word!



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Henoka says:

Hi Andy,Every hotel will have an individual rate dednpeing on the class of hotel and whatever deal you will work out with you. For living in a hotel in Nicaragua, you must contact the owner which you can find on their individual websites. You could be looking at $400 and up per month.

Tito says:

Hi Andy,You’re wise to be on your guard wherever you go. If you secrah on this site, we have lots of information on visas, banking and finding an apartment. You can actually do this all yourself if you speak Spanish it’ll help immensely. I suggest you go to an ex-pat community and get to know some of the ex-pats and talk with them for example in Granada there is a large ex-pat community. Other advice: come and live temporarily in Nicaragua first for let’s say 3 6 months to see if you really want to make it your permanent retirement home.One book we completely recommend is Living Abroad in Nicaragua by Joshua Berman Randall Wood. It’ll tell you everything you need to know. You can even buy it from our website.Where are you driving down from northeast you didn’t say???

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