Appreciating someone special, whoever that might be

Very few of us know Valentine's Day to be Hollywood's love-dunked night of chocolate kisses and puppy love. But how can we not picture a very dreamy Mr. Right with bouquet in hand, jet waiting on the tarmac? We humour ourselves with these ridiculously cliché fantasies because we love to laugh about them with our best friend. For many of us, Valentine's Day looks more like this: your best friend, a bottle of vino, and a stack of cheesy romantic comedies. And cake. Sometimes sitting cross-legged on the couch, hair reined back into the world's messiest up-do, wet nails already smudged, and simply catching up feels so much better than unwrapping a box of chocolates from a Gerald Butler look alike ever could (wait...). Sometimes having a laugh over the things that keep us from finding that special someone actually allow us to become closer to a different special someone: our best friend. 
But just because you may not have spent a Valentine's Day wondering if you have a vase at home big enough to hold that giant bouquet of roses that were anonymously mailed to your work earlier that day, doesn't mean that you haven't experienced romance. For the lucky ones, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to celebrate that fling, partner, or spouse. True romance does exist, and our relationships are very much their own entities. They start from scratch and they build and they grow, and more often than not, we're left with something beautiful. Like a good piece of jewelry, their story starts with a beginning, with finding the right materials to be pieced together to make something beautiful. Next, you work like heck for your plans to fall into place and to look like something you can be proud of. The final step, after every loose end have been tied, you're left with something worth showing off. PurpleDirt is about celebrating this process of building something beautiful, whether it be encouraging creativity, empowering women, or nurturing the healthy relationships in our lives. 
Maybe you and your best friend have a tradition all your own, or perhaps you spend the day hiking with your dogs, lunch with your mom, or you actually are lucky enough to have a partner to spoil. Either way, you also have a story. The important thing to focus on is how will you plan on telling it this Valentine's Day ...
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