¡PurpleDirt Rocks!

Our world is a changing place. No longer do we mindlessly bin scraps and treat the blue box as optional. Instead, we sort through our trash and categorize recyclables. We wage wars against the roommate that doesn't rinse out the milk container properly and we shake our fist at a scrap paper bin suddenly made cardboard inclusive. But what does all of this plastic packaging talk really mean? Well, it means we care. We have become more aware of where our leftovers will go next. Sometimes, this answer is surprisingly more stylish than we would have thought!

To recycle is to see potential in something forgotten, to take one man’s trash and, well, create from it someone's treasure. Our jewelry designers at PurpleDirt are masters of this craft. The eco-rock collection is about polishing an old idea into something that shines. Created from up-cycled guitar string by the women of Artesanía del Mar, these bracelets not only contribute to the world in an eco-friendly and ethical way, but they also empower female artisans and entrepreneurs in doing so. 

Who knew that becoming mindful of the world could look so good?

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