What's PurpleDirt Wearing for the Holidays?

PurpleDirt is a collective of individuals. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring novel thought and taste to the drawing board. There’s a runway, but there’s no one-way in fashion! This holiday season, the PurpleDirt team wanted to share the unique ways we wear our holiday-inspired PD gear. Meghan, sporting a beach-inspired New Year’s Eve theme; Maddie, who’s plane hopping her way to the Dominican Republic (PD on the go); Jenna, the glam girl in the red dress; and Erin, bangle-adorned and ready for a some down time!



Photo credit: Haley Pickard


Meghan Casey



A Sun and Salted New Year’s Eve! 

"High-rise cut-off jean shorts, crop tops, bohemian-vintage jewellery: not your typical winter wear in late-December Vancouver. During rainy season, we long for those warm beach-bonfire nights. It’s an icy truth that more often than not comfort bundling often trumps that gypsy look. That being said, the need to layer against chilly West Coast winters doesn’t mean your love for the beach needs to hibernate until spring. This New Year’s Eve, I plan on bringing the beach to the party.

I’ve never been an extravagantly accessorized fashionista. My outfits tend to have a central focal point, something with a story. My jewellery collection consists of finds from markets I’ve come across during my travels; they speak for themselves. New Year’s Eve is an excellent opportunity to tell those stories of a love- and laugh-filled year and to predict the stories to come.

My 2014 New Year’s Eve story starts with the classic yet very understated black dress: fitted bodice with a knee-length pleated skirt. What really makes this outfit pop, however, is the Turquoise Balance necklace. The high neckline of the cocktail dress offers a dark background against which the turquoise gem really pops. When the clock strikes midnight, I will be ringing in my New Year with hopes of a sun-filled year!"


Photo credit: Haley Pickard


Maddie Holeksa

Strategy and Operations


"This year my family is doing something unprecedented, spending the holidays in a tropical destination. We are off to the Dominican Republic to meet the east coast side of our family for a week in the sun. It will be a nice break from the rain and, even better, a chance to give all the ladies in our family a piece of PurpleDirt! As soon as I found out I was headed there, I thought the perfect gift would be a great piece to accessorize our summery attire.

I envision myself in my new L*Space bikini, arms packed with my favourite Brillo, BFF Bracer bracelets, and Four Love. I love the simplicity and detail in these pieces. They’re small, so I like to pack on 4-6 on each arm and embrace the boho style while I sip my mojito and read Gillian Flynn’s “Dark Places”. I can’t wait to wake up on Christmas morning and surprise my sister, mom, aunts, and grandma with their own piece of PurpleDirt to bring home with them. Although we said no presents, I can’t resist bringing them each a bracelet, especially since they are so easy to travel with!"


  Photo credit: Haley Pickard


Jenna Primeau

Social Media


"The holidays are my favourite time of year, not just because of the endless supply of cookies and presents but because it is a time when everyone slows down and celebrates the season with the ones they love.  There is also the endless amount of holiday party invites—I think this is actually my favorite part. I love getting all glammed up in a great holiday dress and letting my personality shine through what I am wearing. Typically I treat every holiday party like my own personal runway, and this year will be no different.

In the past I have always opted for a classic little black dress. But this year my holiday party outfit is a little more edgy. This holiday season I am going for a Holiday Rock look: a crimson red dress with chain and rhinestone edging. It has a fitted bodice with a high neckline.  I will be pairing it with the Cool Lava Arm Candy Cluster bracelets to complete my holiday party look. These bracelets make a statement with out being too over-powering and look fantastic with my dress."


Photo credit: Haley Pickard 


Erin Walker



"During the holidays, I like to take a break from my fast-paced life. Relaxing by a crackling fire, sipping egg nog (with almond milk!), watching the flicker of Christmas tree lights. There's nothing better than taking a much-needed slow down. Sometimes, though, this can be harder than you think. It always feels like that to-do list keeps growing and that there aren't enough hours in a day. What I've learned over the past few years is that your to-do list will always be there, waiting for you in the New Year, so why not set aside that time and see an old friend?

I intend on doing just that. Keep the holidays fun and exciting! Drinks with the girls is a definite must. My hunter green cocktail dress is perfect for those dark winter nights inside a warm pub, surrounded by people I love. Inspired by the snowy outdoors, I will be pairing the dress with the Rock'n Bangles Silver Ice! This piece is made from recycled guitar strings and studded with mint and silver stones. I look forward to reflecting on a wonderful year with friends and I wish you the same!"

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