The Women Behind PurpleDirt...


Helping others has always been one of my greatest passions that is why I have been involved in many volunteer activities since I was in high school. However, when I got into university, I realised there was more I could do to have a larger impact in the world. As a result, I joined a tutoring  program where I taught children to read. Unfortunately, I only did this for 4 months because my class schedule clashed with the program’s hours. 

One day browsing my school’s website I found a job post from PurpleDirt, a jewelry company that worked with artisans in Nicaragua. I thought the job was perfect for me as the position had to do with social media which I love and it would allow me to work with jewelry which is something I like but in a unique way because the company not only sells beautiful pieces but also promotes a culture of empowerment for women. It supports entire families to escape poverty by providing a stable and honest job.

PurpleDirt offered me the opportunity to grow professionally while helping people in Nicaragua grow at the same time. One of my main and favourite tasks was making videos based on each of the artisans. This task helped me improved my skills but most importantly feel connected with the women I was helping. The realization of each video allowed me to virtually meet the amazing women behind the unique jewellery offered by PurpleDirt. I was able to know about their inspirations, aspirations, dreams, future plans, passions and even heard them laugh which made me smile.

We have released three of the eight videos which can be viewed on our website by clicking on the artisans name or on our YouTube channel and will be releasing the other five over the next 10 weeks.

I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I loved editing them!



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