My Experience Working with PurpleDirt

What an amazing experience! I have truly loved every moment working for PurpleDirt. Such a great cause, amazing product, and inspiring founder! Erin has followed her passion for helping others, and is making a huge difference. Throughout my time at PurpleDirt I worked on a few projects, but what I’d really like to talk about today is the You Are campaign that I was a part of. Erin and I spoke about how it isn’t that common to acknowledge people for little things that they do that make a positive impact on someone’s day. It might be a someone waiting a little longer to hold a door open for you, or it might be a friend telling you exactly what you need to hear in that moment. Small or large, the You Are campaign intended to encourage people to start acknowledging others and letting people know “you’re amazing!” or “you are beautiful”. This theme is engrained in PurpleDirt as well. PurpleDirt strives to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and to help end poverty in Nicaragua, which is just one of the many impacts that the organization makes.

The funny thing about the You Are cards was that once I started working on them, I noticed myself following through on what the intention was. I started to let people know when they made my day better, and could tell that my acknowledgment in many cases impacted their day as well. I am off to Europe with a stack of You Are cards in my backpack, and hope to continue spreading this positive influence that PurpleDirt has made in my life.

You can order your free set of You Are cards here and keep the community growing! 


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