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Elephant Shoe - I Love You | PurpleDirt


Remember when you were a kid? Did anyone ever mouth the words "elephant shoe" to you? And maybe you thought they were saying "I love you". Our newest bracelet is inspired by the fun loving kid in all of us!

Similar to our You Card Cards our Elephant Shoe bracelet was designed to recognize the special "someones" in your life.

Gift one to your best friend, your sister, your mother, your aunt, your girlfriend or heck even gift one to yourself, you are amazing!

Not only do these bracelets represent love, they represent luck!  

Did you know that in many cultures elephants are considered a symbol of good luck? They are large, powerful, intelligent, useful, long-lived and have become a symbols of strength, wisdom, happiness, and longevity. Elephants are religious symbols in the Hindu faith. The birth of Buddha was announced by a white elephant and Ganesha is an elephant-headed god of wisdom and path-clearing. 

Our Elephant Shoe bracelets are part of our fair trade jewelry collection. Each piece is handmade by a women's cooperative in Northern Nicaragua. Most of our Elephant Shoe bracelets are made by Rosa, one of our talented artisans. Rosa's fun loving personality is a perfect pairing for this young at heart piece. 

Your purchase helps support the women, their families and their fight to end poverty in the country they love and a portion of the proceeds are donated to one of our partner charities. Stay tuned for more exciting information on how we are making an impact in their community!  

Currently the bracelets are available in pink with silver charms or green with gold charms. Custom colours are available upon request but may require some additional lead-time.

Elephant Shoe! xo





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